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Coronavirus update: From 15 June, UTC Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park is open to a wider cohort of identified Y10 and Y12 students as well as to vulnerable students and children of key workers. Please see the Letters page and the Covid-19 Update page on our website.

George, Creative & Digital

UTC enabled me to be creative and find my enthusiasm for media

George Allan joined UTC Sheffield City Centre in Year 10 and continued into the sixth form where he completed his A Levels. He chose English Literature and Art alongside a technical specialism in Creative iMedia, in which he gained a Level 3 diploma.

We sat down with George to find out what he enjoyed most about his time at UTC Sheffield City Centre and what he’s up to now.

What did you enjoy about the UTC?
What I enjoyed most about my time at UTC was the opportunity to meet employers and work on real life projects.

We were lucky enough to get the chance to work on a project for Sanderson’s – an independent department store at a local retail park. Myself and my friend decided to work together, we created a Christmas-themed promotional video for them which was ultimately a tour of their building entwined with snippets of interviews with customers. It went really well – they played the video in their store on the screens! It was a great feeling to know they were pleased with our work.

What are you doing now you’ve left UTC?
I am currently in my first year at Sheffield Hallam University studying for a BA (Hons) in Animation. I decided to go to Sheffield Hallam over other universities because I watched their graduate films and I was really impressed by them. It showed me how good I could potentially be!

Do you think your time at UTC impacted your decision to go to university?
UTC enabled me to be creative and find my enthusiasm for media… so yes, I’d say it definitely did!

How are you finding university so far?
It’s very different to school, I’ve found that you have to push yourself a lot more and learn independently… but I do enjoy that as it gives me more flexibility to work on my personal projects. The equipment they have at Sheffield Hallam is also great, which is a bonus.

What personal projects are you working on?
So, in my spare time I like to create cartoons. I’ve previously created an absurd comical cartoon aimed towards teenagers. However, most recently I’ve been working on a project which is for a younger audience. The storyline is based around a professor who lives on a different planet. I’m also working on a sequel for something else I created called ‘Gelaxico’, based on a run-down fuel station in space.

Have you got an idea of what you’d like to do after university?
My ultimate goal and ambition is to get a job in the animation industry, either becoming an animator or a storyboarder. At the moment, I think I’d prefer to be a storyboarder because I believe this would give me more freedom to be creative with my own ideas and writing. However, I’m confident that the course I’m currently on will help me find out where I’d be best suited in the industry and where my strengths lie.

View one of George’s animations below:

Daniels Bros Ad 3v8

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