Microsoft MTA

What is this subject and why should I study it?

Microsoft Technical Associate exams provide professional vendor based qualifications on many Microsoft products. These qualifications allow you to learn key fundamental IT skills and knowledge that not only is recognised by industry but also is expected that professional working in these fields would partake some of these courses for their own development. This means that the MTA qualifications are not only recognised but also sought after in industry. We normally would start with (98 – 383) Introduction to Programming using HTML and CSS.

Course Content:

Session 1

In the introductory session students learn the fundamentals of HTML. Once they have grasps these concepts they would then move on to Link and Meta Tags and finally finish off with Script and No script tags.

Session 2

Having studied the fundamentals of HTML students now begin to take a closer look at the different selection of tags that are available to them. By the end of this session students should have a good working knowledge of Div  and Span Tags, Fieldset and Legend tags, Button, Output and Option tags. As well as Action and Method attributes.

Session 3

In this session students move on to looking at adding images, along with SVG and Canvas tags. They also look at video and source tags, audio and track tags. Finally finishing off with Iframe implementations.

Session 4

By now students would have a good working knowledge of HTML and we start to look at CSS in this session. This would include looking at valid syntax for rule sets, how to apply classes and ids, CSS comments and multiple browser tests.

Session 5

The final session in this course now brings all the different parts of the course together by focusing on CSS formatting, Divs and colours, relative and absolute positioning as well as viewport and media query settings. The final part is finished with a course conclusion, as well as the all-important revision tips.

How is the course assessed?

As this is a Vendor qualification the course is assessed by completing a final Microsoft MTA examination. This would be a computer based exam set by Microsoft which is run under examination conditions, and is the same, that would be expected of adult learners who were  undertaking this qualification as part of the role they have in industry.