We have designed a leaflet that will give you plenty of ideas to keep active and healthy whilst you are not at school. We have included interesting facts and challenges throughout! We ask that you show off your healthy lifestyles by engaging with our social media teams!

Keeping Fit and Healthy

Muscular Endurance – Home Exercises


GCSE Paper 2 LPE

1. Skill Classification

2. Types of Goal

3. Information Processing Model

4. PIN Assessment 1 MS

4. PIN Assessment 1

5. Types of Guidance

6. Types of Feedback

7. Factors Affecting Participation

8. PIN Assessment 2 MS

8. PIN Assessment 2

GCSE PE Paper 1

1. Musculoskeletal System

2. Cardio-respiratory System

3. Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise

4. Effects for Exercise

5. Movement Analysis

5. Movement Analysis (2)

6. Physical Training

7. Sports Psychology

8. Socio-Cultural Factors

9. Health, Fitness and Wellbeing


GCSE PE Paper 1 content

Glossary Paper 1


Unit 21 -Sports Business Revision