Erin, Computing

1 September 2020 Computing

Erin, Computing

Computing Student, Erin Bettison, loved her experience at the UTC and is looking forward to the next chapter within her studies in Maths and Science. 

Why did you join the UTC?
I was home schooled into Year 10, so it felt a bit scary joining a school. The UTC felt like the right place for me to study and I thought I would be comfortable here and settle in well. I’m glad I made this decision, as everyone has been welcoming and supportive. I also liked how there was a range of different exciting specialisms on offer.

How do you feel about your GCSE results?
I was happy with my results. I didn’t feel that nervous about receiving them as I knew I had worked hard and had done everything I could in my exams. I got a 6 in Art, 8 in English Literature and Language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Computing, and then a 9 in Maths and Psychology.

What’s been the best thing about studying here?
It’s quite a relaxed environment. We’re pushed to do our best and reach our potential, but we’re given the freedom to choose what we want to study. I liked having lots of coursework as this is how I often learn best, and I get to take my time on my projects. My favourite subject was definitely Biology because it interested and intrigued me, and Physics was also enjoyable.

What’s been your favourite memory?
I enjoyed going on Maths trips to universities, including Sheffield Hallam. My favourite memory was the World Educational Robotics Competition. I ended up flying to China to represent the UK, and compete against other teams, which was a massive achievement for me. This was a new experience for me and is something I’ll remember forever.

Are you excited for your next steps?
I’m looking forward to continuing my studies at the UTC, where I’ll be taking Triple Science and Maths. I’ve found these subjects interesting at GCSE Level and I’m excited for my next steps and the challenge that these will bring. The UTC has helped me to improve my problem-solving skills and confidence when working with new people, which I want to continue to develop. I’ve been given so many amazing opportunities here which I don’t think would have been available to me if I’d studied elsewhere, so I’m thankful for this. The UTC has given me a good start into my future studies and career.

What would you say to students thinking about joining the UTC?
My honest advice is to check the specialisms carefully before starting, to ensure you’re prepared for what you’re going to study. I recommend the Computing specialism if you’re interested in Interactive Media, such as websites, games and computer programmes.  The UTC offers Robotics and VEX Robotics, which is something I’d definitely recommend for students interested in this subject.