Alice, Health Sciences

24 August 2020 Health Sciences & Social Care

Alice, Health Sciences

Alice Weaver loved studying her specialisms at UTC Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park, and has been inspired to continue her studies within the Health sector. 

When did you start at the UTC?
I joined in 2016 in Y10 and carried on all the way through to Y13, as I enjoyed my experience here and wanted to continue improving my skills and knowledge within this environment.

Why did you decide to study here?
I moved here because I felt as though I had much more potential than my previous school recognised, and I needed to be pushed further to get the career I wanted within Healthcare.

Did you enjoy your subjects?
In sixth form I studied the Health Sciences specialism and Psychology, which were subjects I am extremely passionate about. I really enjoyed Health and Social Care because of the practical work and the set-up ward where we were able to carry this out. My favourite subject was Psychology, because I found it the most interesting and I was highly invested in this topic.

How do you feel about the results you received today?
I received Distinction*, Distinction*, Distinction in Health and Social Care and a C in Psychology. I feel very happy with my results considering the current circumstances and how difficult I found the jump from GCSEs to A-levels.

What was your favourite thing about the UTC?
Whilst studying here I enjoyed the teacher and student relationship, especially within sixth form. This is because it is a really difficult two years and the teachers were there for us with both educational and personal support. As well as this, the most enjoyable things for me were the many opportunities and different people we got to meet and learn from.

What has been your most enjoyable experience?
Meeting Professor Robert Winston was the memory which stands out the most, as I was able to ask him a question personally, which felt so rewarding! Soon I will be studying within the Robert Winston building at Sheffield Hallam University, so it was a very special engagement and I learnt a lot from this experience.

How did you feel during the lockdown period?
I found lockdown very challenging but also a good time to reflect on what I wanted in my future career. During the beginning of lockdown, I still had course work to complete, which I was very happy to do at home, as I still had help from the teachers every day. I managed to finish my coursework much faster which I was very happy about, as I found it easier to concentrate from the comfort of my own home.

Do you have any extra-curricular activities outside of school that you enjoy?
My hobby is going to the gym and staying active, as I find it very relaxing and it gives me a chance to distract myself from my work for a bit. It’s good for both my physical and mental wellbeing.

Are you excited for your next steps in your career?
The career I want to pursue is Mental Health Nursing, which is a field I am passionate about. I am unsure of which specialist area I am wanting to go into, but I am very excited to begin this pathway. I am looking forward to my future, as I am interested in my subject and I am looking forward to study and qualifying for my future role.

Has the UTC prepared you well for your future career?
I definitely think the UTC has prepared me for the future, by teaching me the correct discipline, whilst also supplying me with much needed qualities such as confidence and team work. By having experience with many visitors, entrepreneurs, and professionals, I feel as though they gave me the correct knowledge and taught me skills needed for the future.

Do you have any advice for someone thinking about joining the UTC?
I would definitely encourage them to do so, as the staff here will ensure you are the best version of yourself and teach you how to be prepared for the outside world and for your career ahead.