Megan, Health Sciences

21 August 2019 Health Sciences & Social Care

Megan, Health Sciences

Megan Henderson is looking forward to the next chapter of her life and going on to study psychology at university.

The 18-year-old has achieved a distinction* distinction* distinction* in a health sciences technical qualification and an A Level in psychology at grade D.

Megan is going on to Bradford University to study a Degree in Psychology. Her ambition is to work in child or forensic psychology. She joined the UTC in Year 12 at the age of 16.

Megan said: “I felt really nervous waiting to collect my results. Once I opened the envelope I felt really pleased and relieved. Overall, I’ve had a really positive experience at the UTC.

“The teachers are amazing, they have been exceptional. It was exciting moving to a new school and I’m really happy that I gave it a chance.”

She added: “I loved A Level psychology and wanted to study the subject in more depth. I’m fascinated by what makes people tick and the influences on their brain and behavior.

“I’m fortunate to have received an unconditional offer for university, which has taken some of the pressure off. It hasn’t made me work any less hard. It’s a matter of personal pride that I do my best.”

During her studies, Megan had worked on employer set projects and gained some work experience that has included shadowing staff, including a mental health team, at an NHS clinical commissioning group.

Dr Sarah Clark, Principal, UTC Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park, said: “We are excited for Megan to be fulfilling her ambition to study psychology at university.”