Robert, Sport Science

7 July 2017 Sports Science

Robert, Sport Science

Y12 student Robert joined UTC Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park in September to study Sport Science alongside his A Levels, describing why he decided to join UTC he said, ‘I joined because this is what I really wanted to do, technical learning suits me and the opportunities we’ve already had here have been amazing!’

In the short time that Robert has been at UTC he has already befitted from the unique style of learning: ‘Here at UTC we’re treated like adults, the teachers here really care about getting you the best out of your education. The facilities here are really good, and it feels much more like a workplace than a school or college.’

In his spare time, Robert, who has had a passion for sport since a young age, volunteers as a cricket coach training under 9s: ‘I’m a fully qualified assistant cricket coach, this means I can assist the coach and take charge of up to ten people at a time. I’ve had to opportunity to use these skills at UTC during one of our units in sport, trying to teach people who don’t necessarily like cricket has been a learning curve.’

Reflecting on his experience so far: ‘We’ve had so many opportunities here, I think one of the best was visiting the athletes only gym at the English Institute of Sport, to go in there you have to be invited. It’s where people like Jessica Ennis and Anthony Joshua train; after that experience I knew UTC was the right choice for me.’

Discussing what he would say to anyone else considering joining a UTC Robert said, ‘Take the plunge and do it, it’s the best thing you’ll ever do! If you don’t take the plunge you’ll never experience better things. I know that I have done the best thing for my career.’