Meet Matthew Moorwood, Teacher of PE

28 January 2021

Meet Matthew Moorwood, Teacher of PE


How did you get into teaching?
My passion for teaching PE and coaching various sports developed when I was at school. I always volunteered my time in the PE department and use to coach on holidays camps. When I was old enough, I completed numerous coaching qualifications and attended university to study Physical Education.

Why did you decide to start teaching at a UTC?
Choosing to teach at the UTC was a unique opportunity, as I can utilise my knowledge of teaching in further education on technical apprenticeships and traineeships. I also had a desire to grow the enrichment offered and put the school on the sporting map. I wanted to work somewhere where I could have a positive impact on the students’ learning, and I felt like the UTC was the place to achieve this.

I have a passion for delivering programmes and qualifications that embed real and relevant workplace practice to support the development of the student.

 What interests you about your area?
There are many areas of sport I love and have a passion for, including fitness, health and wellbeing, sociology, psychology, nutrition, teamwork and problem solving. I also love how competitive sport is and the fact that there’s a wide range of different subjects within it.

What is the most enjoyable thing about teaching your subject?
I enjoy working in the outdoors and exercising in all weather conditions. I like the challenge physical education brings, and seeing my students overcome barriers when participating in their lessons. When teaching Sport Science, I enjoy teaching the theory aspects that provide evidence as to why top athletes earn our respect.

What projects do the students enjoy the most?
Sport students have always enjoyed working on projects where they demonstrate leadership. I have the fondest memories of projects where students have planned, delivered and analysed a sporting project to get younger children taking part in physical activity. Students also enjoy projects on elite athletes, such as conducting fitness tests and analysing the data against the norm.

What are the benefits of studying at a UTC?
A UTC bridges the gap better between a typical secondary school and further education. We provide a mixture of technical and vocational qualifications, as well as industry awards, supported with real workplace practice. The UTC is a great learning environment and it feels like a community.

What has been your highlight of working at a UTC?
My highlight has been having lots of responsibility in my Form Tutor role, as I enjoy helping the students to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. I have also enjoyed running school trips and visits, including the first sports teams in futsal, basketball and rugby.

What are your goals for the department?
I want my students to keep achieving high grades and hope for them to continue their education journey into key stage 5 with us. Additionally, I would love to gain more silverware and trophies in school competitions.

What are your quarantine top tips?
I would advise several things, including make a to do list, exercise regularly, keep in touch with family and friends and aim for eight hours quality sleep (this doesn’t include naps!). I would also recommend trying something new, such as a hobby or sport, as this can help you to feel motivated and positive.

How are you staying motivated during lockdown?
I’ve taken time to read good news stories and I’ve donated to charities, which has made me feel much more positive. It’s been important for me to keep in contact with my tutees each half term, to ensure my students are well. I’ve been exercising daily and participated in a challenge, which raised nearly 10 thousand pounds for Sheffield Teaching Hospitals’ charities!