GCSE Health Sciences Student achieves successful results after positive experience at UTC Sheffield

21 August 2020

GCSE Health Sciences Student achieves successful results after positive experience at UTC Sheffield

UTC Sheffield Health Sciences Student, Tianna Devey, feels inspired by successful GCSE results to continue studies in the Science industry. 

Why did you decide to move to the UTC?
There was a lot of opportunities available in Healthcare which weren’t offered at my previous school. The UTC also provided many different extra-curricular activities for students, so it felt like it would be a good place to learn. I didn’t have any previous experience within the Health industry, so when I saw that the UTC offered this subject, it felt like an exciting opportunity for me to explore and learn more about.

What did you enjoy most about the UTC?
I really liked the people here, both staff and students, because they made me feel really comfortable and supported me throughout my time here. As the school was small, the teachers had more time to help and it was good to get one-on-one guidance and advice.

How did you feel about your results?
I felt stressed and anxious before receiving them because I didn’t know what to expect. Although I had tried my hardest, it’s been quite a difficult year so everything felt uncertain. When I opened my results, I felt relieved. I received a Distinction in Health which I’m so happy about!

Do you have any standout moments of studying here?
My favourite memory was going to Burbage Brook, a river in the Peak District, which I had never been to before. This trip involved measuring the river flow and taking notes on the types of rocks that were there, which was a really unique experience for me. I would love to be involved in visits like this in the future, as it helps me to better understand the subjects I am studying, when I get to see things in real life.

Are you excited for your next steps?
Yes I am, especially after being successful in my results. I am wanting to go into sixth form to study Science- preferably Biology, Chemistry and Psychology, as the UTC developed my passion for these areas.

Do you think the UTC has prepared you well for the future?
It has made me more confident and willing to have a go at new things and take on challenges, which I wouldn’t have done previously. The UTC helped to explain the ‘Sheffield Progress’ system, and we had many different career workshops, which involved learning more about CVs and cover letters. This experience has made me feel more positive about my future as I feel more equipped and prepared, thanks to the UTC.

What would your advice be to students thinking of joining the UTC in Y9 or Y10?
It’s good to always keep on open mind. You’ll end up making new friends and getting along with people who you wouldn’t expect to. You adjust a lot quicker than you think and will be supported every step of the way.