Patients Teach UTC Health Students

6 December 2018

Patients Teach UTC Health Students

Health students at UTC Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park have been getting hands-on experience with patients and medical professionals.

Year 10 students, who are currently studying coursework about the body’s systems, have been working with the University of Sheffield on their “Patients as Educators” project.

The programme, which was developed by Martin Hague, Clinical Skills and Patients as Educators Manager at the University of Sheffield, started in 2004 and aims to provide students with the opportunity to meet and learn from real patients. Since beginning, the programme has grown significantly, with UTC students being involved for the past two years.

Staff and students from the University visited the Olympic Legacy Park UTC in November to deliver a session. During the session, the UTC students learnt about the body’s systems before being introduced to a patient. Students are given the opportunity to ask the patient questions and learn from their experience, about the conditions they have and about the methods of treatment they are receiving. During the session, students were also joined by medical undergraduates who came in to talk about the physiology of the conditions.

Feeding back on the session, students involved said:

“I really enjoyed the fact that the session involved real people and not just case studies. It made it interesting and I learnt a lot.”

“The real-life experience of the patient made the condition easier to understand.”

“The session makes you feel connected to the patient, and I enjoyed that.”

“I learnt a lot in the lesson.”