The UTC Sheffield OLP Proposition

13 October 2015

The UTC Sheffield OLP Proposition

A big vision lies at the heart of UTC Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park (OLP), to develop the next generation of healthcare and sports technologists, computer coders and data scientists, who together will help to solve the challenges that lie ahead of us as a nation, and to bring inward investment to the Sheffield City Region.

These highly skilled young people will be the innovators and enterprising employees of tomorrow, helping to reshape existing services and create new industries.  In particular, they will develop fresh understandings of the ways in which sport and exercise aided by technology can play a more significant role in healthcare and healthy living.

Human Science students at UTC Sheffield OLP will work with athletes of at all levels, including those at the top of their fields, to understand how the performance of the human body can be improved.  They will then apply this experience and knowledge to projects concerned with the needs of the wider population to maintain or improve health.  For example, students will work with professional Rugby League players and their coaches, understanding how they build strength or cardio-vascular capacity, and then apply this learning to people who are managing chronic asthmatic conditions.  A key thread throughout will be the application of technology and the integration of the science curriculum.

The Human Sciences specialism will focus on Healthcare Sciences and Sports Science alongside core Science subjects and elements of Computing.  The emphasis will be on understanding the human body and mind in terms of structure, health and performance with a particular focus on the relationship between sport and health underpinned by advances in technology.

  • At KS4, students will study OCR Cambridge Nationals Level 2 in Health & Social Care, Sports Science and IT alongside GCSEs.
  • At Post-16, students will study OCR Cambridge Technicals Level 3 in Human Sciences and Sports Science alongside A Levels.

Computer Science students will undertake projects set by some of the City Region’s leading IT companies and IT departments in large-scale employers.  Working with these companies will enable students to develop their skills using current industry technologies but also exciting emerging technologies. Students will then apply their skills in a whole range of contexts depending on what partner organisations do – but especially in the fields of healthcare and sport. For example, a project might include capturing data and modelling health outcomes working with professional Basketball players, or designing a mobile app (application) to enable people in the community to monitor and manage their health.

The Computer Science specialism will provide students with knowledge and skills applicable across the IT sector, from analysis and design through coding and programming to user experience and project management.  The course will cater for students who are excited about coding and interested in a career in computing and will help to apply those interests to real world challenges in sport and healthcare.  There will be a particular emphasis on collecting and analysing ‘big data’ and improving user experience, which are critical to both these areas.

  • At KS4, students will study OCR Cambridge Nationals Levels 2 in IT and Sports Science and OCR Cambridge Technicals Level 2 in IT, alongside GCSEs.
  • At Post-16, students will study OCR Cambridge Technicals Level 3 in IT alongside A Levels.

Both pathways will prepare students at 16 or 18 for a wide range of opportunities, including employment in UTC partner companies and other employers, sponsored degree courses and advanced or higher apprenticeships. Students will also be well prepared should they decide to go onto a more conventional higher education programme at university.

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