Maths A Level


Why Study Mathematics?

Mathematics at this level consists of the study of Pure Mathematics and the study of the application of mathematics to the physical world such as Mechanics and Statistics.

Maths is a facilitating subject, which means that it will support the study of many other subjects including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computing, and Psychology.  It will also support progression to many competitive careers.


AS Mathematics (1 year)


The course is assessed by 2 examinations in the summer of Y12

A Level Mathematics (2 years)


The course is assessed by 3 examinations in the summer of Y13

Students are internally assessed through project work/assessments.  Support sessions are available to all students.

Entry requirements

For A Level Mathematics at least a strong Grade 6 in Mathematics is required at GCSE.

Students must select a specialism (Computing, Health Sciences or Sport Science) alongside this course