Health Sciences & Social Care

This pathway at the UTC will provide you with the knowledge and skills to work across numerous vocational areas of the health and social care sectors.

As a specialist science and technology academy, the UTC will help you to develop the kind of technical and scientific skills which the healthcare sector increasingly needs alongside people skills such as caring, communication and teamwork.

Sheffield City Region is a hub for leading research and cutting-edge technologies in health and social care, with national centres of excellence led by both universities working with Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. You could be part of these exciting developments in the future.

>Meet the Curriculum Director for Health Sciences and Social Care: Seana Sleaford

What you will study?

Our Health Sciences and Social Care Pathway document as full details about what you will study from Year 9 all the way through to Post 16.

>Download the Health Sciences and Social pathways document here

Employer-Led Projects

The location of the new UTC centre on the Olympic Legacy Park provides a unique opportunity for exciting projects spanning healthcare, sport and tech.  The UTC sits between the English Institute of Sport and Ice Sheffield, near Sheffield Arena and the Sheffield Hallam Athletics and Sports parks, all of which host international competitions and professional sport.  Alongside the UTC is the new Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre, a collaboration between the Sheffield Hallam Sports Engineering Research Centre, the National Centre for Sports and Exercise Medicine and the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Trust.

You will work with athletes, healthcare professionals, data scientists and coders on projects about how to improve the performance of the human body and apply those improvements in healthcare using technology.

An example project might be:

Working with the University of Sheffield on the Patients as Educators Project. During the project you will get to meet real patients and learn about their condition, treatment plan and experience of care. You will see demonstrations of skills associated with individual patient care. You will apply this information to case studies and look at ways to better improve care and patient experience, as well as discussing this with health professionals.


What jobs are available in Health Sciences?

Dentistry / Veterinary / Pharmacy / Physiotherapy / Nursing / Paramedic / Midwifery

  • You can be one of the 1.6 million people that the NHS employs as one of the top five of the world’s largest workforces!
  • At the UTC you’ll learn in world class facilities that include a Health and Development Suite including a flexible ward set-up and a facility for an operational ambulance.
  • Study academic programmes which can include GCSE Triple Science and A Level Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Chemistry as well as the latest Cambridge Technical qualifications in Health Sciences.
  • Participate in real life work projects which reflect the latest clinical practice
  • Benefit from our links to sponsors such as the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and local Universities Sheffield Hallam and the University of Sheffield to secure your dream job.
  • Ensure that your application to University is competitive through high quality support to secure relevant work experience and advice and guidance regarding interviews and admissions tests.

Employer Partners