Senior Leadership Team

Jessica Stevenson

Principal, DSL and SENCO

Kieran Loftus

Vice Principal

Katie Wigham

Assistant Principal

Curriculum Directors

Ifatgar Ahmed

Curriculum Director for Computing

Oliver McGregor-Hamann

Curriculum Director for Maths

Scott Shaw

Curriculum Director for Science

Seana Sleaford

Curriculum Director for Health and Social Sciences

Craig Wright

Curriculum Director for English and Communications

Learning Managers

Emily Senior

Y9 Learning Manager and DSD

Adele Johnson

Year 10 Learning Manager

Jordan Howard

Y11 Learning Manager

Reuben Kay

Post-16 Learning Manager

Support Staff

Denise Trueman

MIS Administrator & Cover Manager

Caroline Rigby

Administrator / Reception Team

Heather Slater

Administrator / Reception Team

Janet Redfern

Exams Officer