Message from UTC Sheffield City Centre

We have increased student online learning using Teams as the predominant method of delivery. This may be supplemented with face to face delivery on site in the coming weeks, for those students who require additional support. All students have been sent information on how to download and set up Teams. Should any student have difficulties with this, please contact and we will address your query as soon as possible. Therefore, our offer of face to face teaching, in line with government advice is that we will invite key worker/vulnerable/students who cannot access online delivery.

Please see the Letters page and the Covid-19 Update page for more information.

In these unprecedented times, we are sorry that we are unable to run the parents evening on 15 July 2020.  If you have any pressing concerns, please contact

Message from UTC Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park

Coronavirus update: From 15 June, UTC Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park is open to a wider cohort of identified Y10 and Y12 students as well as to vulnerable students and children of key workers. Please see the Letters page and the Covid-19 Update page on our website.

UTC Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park inviting professionals in the digital sector to give insight into their innovative roles

Over 70 top employers and Sheffield’s two major universities work with UTC Sheffield. This partnership, together with the employer-led curriculum and approach, enables students to develop their employability skills such as problem-solving, time-management, organisation, teamwork, leadership and communication.

UTC Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park encourages their students to develop technical skills, to help build them up for future careers. Many UTC students are interested in pursuing a career within the digital sector, as they enjoy learning transferable skills that will help in the workplace. The UTC wants to provide their students with a better understanding of the types of roles and opportunities available in these industries.

UTC Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park is inviting professionals in the digital sector to produce short self-recorded videos about their roles. The aim is to provide a wider insight of what is expected of employees, tasks they may work on and important skills needed to succeed in industry. It’s important for UTC students to hear from some top employers in the Sheffield City Region, as this will prepare them for their future careers. This is an opportunity for professionals to showcase their company and demonstrate the type of work required in their role.

Those who are interested will need to provide their contact details, alongside further information, including their role in the organisation, work hours, qualifications needed and any advice for young people interested in their sector. Please see the document attached for more information.

Guidance for digital role video profiles

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