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We have increased student online learning using Teams as the predominant method of delivery. This may be supplemented with face to face delivery on site in the coming weeks, for those students who require additional support. All students have been sent information on how to download and set up Teams. Should any student have difficulties with this, please contact and we will address your query as soon as possible. Therefore, our offer of face to face teaching, in line with government advice is that we will invite key worker/vulnerable/students who cannot access online delivery.

Please see the Letters page and the Covid-19 Update page for more information.

In these unprecedented times, we are sorry that we are unable to run the parents evening on 15 July 2020.  If you have any pressing concerns, please contact

Message from UTC Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park

Coronavirus update: From 15 June, UTC Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park is open to a wider cohort of identified Y10 and Y12 students as well as to vulnerable students and children of key workers. Please see the Letters page and the Covid-19 Update page on our website.

Creative and Digital Media student collaborates on music collection with friends during lockdown

Year 13 student, Oscar Blakey, is passionate about studying the Creative and Digital Media specialism at UTC Sheffield City Centre, as he enjoys the sense of freedom he has when working on projects.

Oscar joined the UTC after attending an open day, where he felt it was a positive learning environment and was keen to be a part of the community and work alongside other creative individuals. Oscar said: “The UTC has given me a great sense of acceptance, as I feel like I can be myself here and no one will judge me.”

Oscar is currently working with some friends to produce several songs using ‘Ableton’; software for music production and creation. Alongside this work, he is enjoying using a VHS camera to produce visuals, where he records moments in his life. He uses this footage in his A Level projects, to produce a radio show and numerous short films. Oscar commented: “The course has helped me to develop huge amounts of confidence and creativity skills. I have loved learning how to use Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop to create and edit videos and photos.”

The Creative and Digital Media specialism motivates students to not only develop technical and creativity skills, but to also build on their social skills and confidence. Alicia Payne, Curriculum Director for Creative and Digital Media said: “ We encourage students to share ideas with others and push them out of their comfort zone, to help them learn new skills needed for industry.”

Students on the course are given a project or task that is based on a brief, and it is up to their interpretation to produce their own artwork. Oscar commented: “The UTC has made me enjoy education, as the teachers make it exciting, fun and interactive.”

Oscar’s biggest achievement has been working on projects involving music, including creating his own CD and magazine cover and producing a short documentary about the Sheffield music scene. The UTC has given him the confidence boost to pursue his dream career in the creative and digital industry. Oscar is keen to put the skills he has learnt at the UTC into practice, in his Electronic Music Production course in Leeds.

For more information on the Creative and Digital Media specialism, visit: https//

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