City Students Meet Industry Experts

Posted on 19 November 2018 in News, UTC Sheffield City Centre

City Students Meet Industry Experts

Businesses from across the engineering and creative and digital sectors visited UTC Sheffield City Centre on Friday 9th November for another one of our fantastic termly ‘Employer Mentor Programmes’.

This term, students had the opportunity to meet with employees from the following companies; Jaywing, WanDisco, Newburgh Precision, Linbrooke Total Network Solutions and CTL Seal. The students were able to ask questions, gain advice and simply chat about their future prospects.

The employer mentor programme is a great opportunity for employers to meet young, talented students.

Engineering Director, Geoff Turner, from ‘The ‘Clan’ Project’ joined representatives from CTL Seal to talk to students about the project and inform them on possible apprenticeship opportunities.  Geoff said: “It is great to see how enthusiastic the students are here at UTC, I am thrilled to be a part of reinforcing this enthusiasm and assuring the students that there are plenty of great prospects out there for them in engineering.”

Phillip and Abby from Jaywing, a “data science-led agency and consulting business with a marketing technology division”, explained why they decided to get involved with the Employer Mentor Programme. Abby said: “I believe it is important to give students an insight into what working within a creative industry is like and to encourage these young individuals that their talent can lead to great impact and change.”

Phillip added: “The main motivation for our engagement with the students here at UTC is to reassure them that being creative is a fantastic asset to have, the creative industries are crying out for creative people!’.

Another company present at the session was ‘Newburgh Precision’. Employee, Ruth, said: “The mentoring programme is an excellent way of allowing students to gain an understanding of the opportunities that are available out there. I am passionate about students gaining practical skills and for them to understand how valuable it is to have practical skills alongside academic qualifications.”

Students also had the chance to talk to employees from ‘WanDisco’ and ‘Linbrooke Total Network Solutions’. WanDisco is a company which enables other companies ‘to put all their data to work for the business – all the time, at any scale’ with its groundbreaking LiveData platform. Linbrooke Total Network Solutions offers outstanding ‘mission critical solutions in telecoms, power and signalling’.

The session was a success with plenty of discussion happening, one of our Year 11 students, Jack, said: “I’ve really enjoyed the session today, I received some great tips from Jaywing and I now have a better idea of what I need to do achieve my ambitions.”