There is a Staff Training Day this Friday, 14 February, therefore no students are expected to be in school. Students will return after half term on Monday 24 February 2020.

Engineering Students Spend the Day with Rolls Royce

Engineering students at UTC Sheffield recently spent a day working with Rolls-Royce employees designing an aeroplane refuelling pump.

In September UTC Sheffield City Centre Year 10 engineering students enjoyed a jam-packed day of activity with UTC employer partner Rolls-Royce. Staff and apprentices from Rolls-Royce visited the campus and ran a session focusing on designing a refuelling pump for an aircraft called ‘Pump Analysis’.

The day started with an introduction and a brief of the project from Rolls-Royce staff before the students were split into groups to work on the following activities:

  1. Pump Disassembly – taking a pump apart to see how the mechanics fit together and work.
  2. Pump Assembly – Assembling a pump from parts and testing how quickly water can travel through it from one container to another.
  3. Design Calculations – Calculating a design that would allow an aeroplane to refuel safely within a specified period of time and within a specified budget.

One student, Oliver, who took part in the session said: “Today has been really fun. We were given a scenario where we had to design a pump to refuel a jet in as close to ten minutes as possible, but for a budget of under £10,000. This meant we had to keep making adjustments and calculations, but we got there in the end, it’s been really interesting.”

Evie, who also took part, said: “It’s been such a great experience working with Rolls-Royce, anywhere else you wouldn’t get this opportunity. I especially enjoyed working with the different kinds of pumps.”

The session closed with an opportunity for the students to showcase what they had been working on during the day and a question and answer sessions with the Rolls-Royce Apprentices.

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