Systems Control in Engineering Cambridge Nationals


Cambridge National in Systems Control in Engineering introduces students to how microprocessor control systems are used in a variety of engineering environments. Students develop practical skills by designing, producing and testing the operation of simple electronic controls in four separate units.

Qualification Type

GCSE or Equivalent

Qualification level

Level 2


R113, This unit will develop learners’ knowledge of basic electronic principles. Learners will consider how these can be applied to the design, maintenance and repair of electrical/electronic systems used within engineering products

R114, This unit covers construction techniques and processes used in the manufacture of electronic and electrical circuits. It uses computer based simulation software to prototype and test the operation of circuits and produce printed circuit boards (PCB)

R115, This unit covers the range of computer and microprocessor applications within engineering and considers how systems are used across a range of engineering activities from product design and development to automated manufacturing, maintenance and stock control

R116, This unit will develop learners’ knowledge of microprocessor/microcontroller control systems in engineering systems such as production, engine control, domestic appliances and office equipment

How will it be delivered?

R113 – Externally Assessed Examination

R114/R115/R116 – Coursework Assessed units