Sport and PE

Sport and PE

This subject does not receive a formal qualification.

What will I do in this subject?
Here at UTC Sheffield you are required to participate in physical activity for a two period block once a week.

Sport/PE will enable you to learn, play and excel in a variety of sporting disciplines like football, field hockey, table tennis, cricket and rounders to name just a few.

Participating in this subject will give you more confidence in yourself and sharpen your ability to play these sports, it will also enable you to forge deeper bonds with your fellow peers and educate you on nutrition, health and well-being.

As well as using the 3G astro-turfed pitch on the roof of the building or the multi-purpose suite, we will complete classroom-based lessons where we will dive deeper into the detail of the anatomy of sport, the physical and physiological effects of sport and finally the ethical and socio-cultural issues in physical activity and sport.

What skills do I need?
 – To participate in all lessons
 – To be well motivated
 – To be organised with the correct kit to every lesson
 – To work in a co-operative manner with other pupils

Where do I find out more information?
If you want any further information, please see Mr Taylor, Skills Trainer.

Any other essential information?
You must wear the official PE UTC top at all times for practical lessons, along with black shorts or tracksuit bottoms. The official UTC PE top must be purchased from the Business Wear provider.