Science GCSE

Science GCSE

Examination Board: AQA Trilogy

In Y9, students will follow the AQA Combined Science: Trilogy GCSE specification as an introduction to Key Stage 4 science which continues into Y10.

In Y11, we prepare most students to take the separate science route, giving them the opportunity to gain three GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students also have the option to take AQA Combined Science: Trilogy which gives two GCSEs in science.

The decision to take three separate sciences or the combined qualification is made through a dialogue with the student, their parents and their three specialist teachers in the Spring of Y11.

Biology: you will study life on the cellular level, organisation of cellular systems, infection and response, bioenergetics involving photosynthesis and respiration, inheritance and evolution.

Chemistry: you will learn about how we model atoms and linking this to the periodic table, bonding and properties of matter, measuring and calculating chemical change, organic and analytical chemistry.

Physics: you will explore energy, electricity, the particle model of matter, atomic structure and radioactivity, forces, waves and magnetism. All three sciences study the global challenges we currently face and how Biology, Chemistry and Physics works to help us resolve them.

How is the course assessed?
Both routes are assessed by six examinations at the end of the course.

Where do I find out more information?
Ask Dr La Pensee, Curriculum Director of Science, or any of the Science staff. for more information.