Creative and Digital Media Student excited to join the UTC’s sixth form

18 September 2020 Creative & Digital Media

Creative and Digital Media Student excited to join the UTC’s sixth form

UTC Sheffield City Centre student, Amber Hutcheson, enjoyed her Creative and Digital Media lessons and is enthusiastic about staying on here to pursue her passion.

Why did you join the UTC?
It looked a lot better than my previous school and the people seemed really welcoming and friendly, which instantly drew me to want to study here. The UTC felt like a nice environment to be in, and because the students here all wanted to work hard, everyone supported each other and was motivated to achieve. The location was appealing to me because I had to travel here via public transport, so I had the responsibility of managing my time effectively, which has helped me to become more organised.

How do you feel about your results?
I’m happy with my results, I achieved slightly higher grades in some of my subjects than what I had expected, especially in my Creative and Digital Media specialism. This has influenced me to want to continue studying this subject next year.

What did you enjoy most about studying here?
I liked the fact all of my teachers were passionate about their subjects, and this reflected in their lessons. My favourite subject was Creative and Digital Media because I got the chance to explore my strengths and passions and had freedom in the work I wanted to create. I enjoyed looking into why certain props and camera angles were used in films, as I’ve never done anything like this prior to joining the UTC. I was also part of the Netball Team for a while, which was a good experience as I’m quite competitive and enjoy working in teams.

What’s been your most memorable experience?
I loved meeting new people and working in teams in my lessons, so the day-to-day learning was really fun and memorable for me. A standout moment was having personal learning lessons, where we learnt about budgets and managing our finance. This experience has been incredibly useful for me and I will use this knowledge in my future after my studies. It was nice that the teachers went out of their way to explain topics like this, as I know a lot of other schools don’t receive this kind of support and advice.

Are you excited for your next steps?
Yes, I’m looking forward to staying on at the UTC to study Creative and Digital Media, English Language and Maths. My back up plan is to study Psychology or Science instead, so I have quite a few options in place. The UTC has developed my confidence massively and has made me feel prepared for my future.

Do you have any advice for students thinking of joining?
I would advise anyone who is interested in the specialisms on offer here to definitely join. Everyone is respected and students are encouraged to explore who they are as an individual. If you want to study somewhere where you have more freedom in your studies, then it’s a great place to learn.