Ellie, Creative and Digital Media

7 September 2020 Creative & Digital Media

Ellie, Creative and Digital Media

Why did you join the UTC?
I moved here in Year 10 in 2016 as I wanted to study a creative subject and saw that the UTC offered this specialism. The course content stood out to me and it seemed like I would get a lot of freedom in my projects. I liked how the UTC is a small school, and I wanted to learn in an environment where I’d get to know students really well, so it felt like the perfect place to study.

How do you feel about your results?
I’m really happy with my results, especially in my Creative and Digital Media specialism, as I tried really hard in this and put in lots of effort. I’m also proud of my English result because I really enjoyed my lessons and feel like I’ve learnt a lot of skills and techniques within this field.

What was your favourite thing about studying at the UTC?
I loved how supportive the teachers were in my Creative and Digital Media lessons, which encouraged me to stay motivated, even when I found it challenging. There was a good balance between having fun in lessons but also working hard, which made the subject extremely enjoyable and helped me to achieve my goals. As I’d known the teachers for four years of studying here, I managed to build up a good relationship with them and felt like they were always there if I needed help and advice.

What’s been your most memorable experience here?
In Year 12, one of my projects was to create magazine covers, which was something I’d never done before. I got the opportunity to go out and interview racing drivers. This experience was so memorable and fun, and it didn’t really feel like work! I also enjoyed looking around universities, as this inspired me to want to study at degree level.

What’s your biggest achievement?
My results and getting the chance to work with the John Schofield Trust, as this developed my passion for journalism and provided me with an insight into the creative and digital industry. I was lucky to be able to work with a real organisation and learn about this sector. I’m proud of myself for having the confidence to present my Creative and Digital Media project at the National Mentoring Summit in its first year, where Prince Harry attended. This was a unique experience, which has encouraged me to believe in my ideas more, and I’ve learnt how to present myself well to a large audience.

Are you looking forward to your next steps?
I’m going to The University of Sheffield to study Journalism, and I couldn’t be more excited and prepared to go. The UTC has definitely pushed me to achieve and I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t study here. They have strong links with the University of Sheffield, and the Journalism course here is the top in the country, so I’m extremely proud of myself and thankful for the UTC.

Has the UTC prepared you well for your future?
100%. I’ve learnt lots of skills here, such as how to interview people confidently, how to create artwork on Adobe Photoshop and come up with creative ideas for projects. My confidence has developed and I feel like a more-rounded individual, ready for my next challenge at University.

Do you have any advice for students thinking about joining the UTC?
I would say if you’re passionate about Engineering or Media, it’s the best opportunity you can have. My advice would be to go for it, because you’ll develop so many valuable skills, improve your knowledge in your subject and be supported every step of the way.