Kirsten, Creative and Digital Media

3 September 2020 Creative & Digital Media

Kirsten, Creative and Digital Media

UTC Sheffield City Centre student, Kirsten Naylor, is hopeful for her sixth form experience here in CDM and Photography.

Why did you join the UTC?
On the induction day before starting the UTC, we had to make a mini film and edit it using Adobe software, which gave us a taster of what the Creative and Digital Media course would be like in Year 10. This gave me a really good impression of the UTC and I felt more confident in what I wanted to study here.

How do you feel about your results?
I’m relieved that I did well, and I know I tried my hardest in my exams and coursework. I loved studying Creative and Digital Media and I’m happy with the result I achieved.

What did you enjoy most about studying here?
In the coursework we were given a brief to create a front cover of a magazine on Photoshop. I liked having the freedom of choosing what I wanted to do for this, so I decided to create a magazine to teach children how to play the guitar. For the exam, I had to analyse two TV shows, where I enjoyed learning about feminism and women’s rights. When we started in Year 10 I was nervous, but quickly become confident at expressing my own ideas in my projects. I also enjoyed staying behind after school for my enrichment to focus on my coursework, because I received more personal support from my teachers and had the opportunity to ask them questions.

Do you have any standout moments?
In Year 10 we went to The Children’s Media Conference for a week, where there were lots of professionals we could talk to about working within the media and radio industry. During this experience I developed communication skills, as I spoke to a range of different people about their roles. This gave me a better insight into the creative sector and confirmed the career path I would like to go down.

Another highlight was visiting Hallam FM in Year 10 where I had the opportunity to talk to employers within the radio and media sector and look around the building.

How do you feel about your next steps?
I’ll be staying on at the UTC for post-16 where I’ll study the Creative and Digital Media specialism and Photography. I’m so excited for this because I know it’s something I want to progress in and I’m keen to develop my creativity skills and confidence using the Adobe software.

Do you have any advice you’d give to students thinking of joining the UTC?
I think everyone’s a bit worried when they start but you have to give it time, as it’s an amazing experience. You learn new skills, meet new people with the same interests and it opens up a lot of opportunities for you.