Erin, Engineering

1 September 2020 Engineering

Erin, Engineering

UTC Sheffield City Centre Student, Erin Hedges, loved studying her Engineering specialism and is keen to continue her studies in this subject.

Why did you decide to move to the UTC?
I wanted to study Engineering and the UTC looked like a good place for me to be able to work closely with organisations in that sector and build contacts. The school is also linked with the Navy and the Armed Forces, so this seemed like an exciting opportunity for me to study here.

How do you feel about your GCSE results?
I did really well in both my GCSE and technical specialisms. I received a Distinction* for Engineering Design and Distinction in Engineering Manufacture, which I’m so happy about!

What did you enjoy the most about studying here?
I loved studying Engineering. Although it was completely new to me, I seemed to pick up skills and knowledge quite quickly and become confident in my lessons. The teachers helped me a lot and inspired me to develop a passion for this industry, as they made the subject exciting and every lesson was different.

Do you have any standout moments at the UTC?
I did work experience for a week with a company, Arup Engineering, where I worked on lots of projects, such as designing a sports centre inspired by the Peak District. Every couple of hours different Engineers came and explained their role and set us a brief to complete. At the end of this experience, I had to work in a team and present my work in front of a panel, including the Director of the Sheffield building. This was scary but I really enjoyed it and developed my teamwork and presentation skills.

Are you excited for your next steps?
I feel ready to start sixth form at the UTC, as I’m comfortable here and I know it’s a good place to learn. I’ll be studying Engineering and Product Design, and I’m happy to be able to have the freedom of choosing the subjects that I’m passionate about. Eventually, I would love to do an Engineering Degree Apprenticeship, as my work experience made me set on this career pathway. The UTC has helped to develop my confidence in my work and I feel prepared for the next chapter in my studies.

Do you have any advice for students wanting to join the UTC?
It’s important to keep an open mind. When I first joined the UTC, I thought I wanted to go into Manufacturing, but after being here for a few weeks I realised I was more interested in the Design side of Engineering. It’s good to try out different things so you can discover your strengths and passions. I would advise students to take the opportunities that are available to them, such as work experience or extra-curricular activities.