Jacob, Engineering

25 August 2020 Engineering

Jacob, Engineering

UTC Sheffield City Centre Student, Jacob Marshall, aced his A-Level and Technical Qualifications and is excited for his future.

Why did you decide to join the UTC?
I attended an open day where I spoke to the teachers and other staff members who were all welcoming and helpful. It seemed like a good environment to be in and the facilities looked good for the subjects I was studying. The open day was overall a positive experience and I got a good impression of the UTC.

How do you feel about your results?
I felt stressed before I received my results as I wasn’t sure how well I’d done, but once I found out I was really pleased. I received a Distinction* in Engineering, A* in Physics, A* in Maths and A in Further Maths. I feel proud of myself because it was quite a challenging year at times.

What was your favourite thing about studying at the UTC?
I loved Physics; the teachers couldn’t have done more to support me in my studies. I always felt like I could ask them any question and they were always there to help me with any homework that I was stuck on.

Do you have any standout moments?
In Engineering, it was interesting to have the responsibility of designing a project for a live brief set by an employer. In the computer-aided design module, we had the task of designing an underwater remote vehicle, which was something I had never done before. It was good to learn about each stage of the process and apply my skills to a real project.

Were you involved in any extra-curricular activities?
Yes, I did the World Skills UK Programme, where I was given a brief to design a system in a certain amount of time, within my team. The challenge was around pneumatics, so this helped me to develop my engineering skills that I had learnt at the UTC. My team went to London and took part in a competition against other schools, which was a good experience to be involved in.

Are you looking forward to the next chapter in your studies?
I’ll be going to Durham University to study Physics, which I am really excited about. The UTC has prepared me well and has given me the additional skills that will become useful, even after university level. It’s always a bit daunting taking the next step in your studies, but I feel ready for my next challenge.

What would you say to any students thinking of studying here?
I would say to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try new things, as you’ll never know what you can achieve. It’s important to be involved in any extra-curricular activities that interest you, as they develop your skills and are an enjoyable experience.