Tareq, Engineering

24 October 2016 Engineering

Tareq, Engineering

Aspiring Engineering student Tareq has set his sights high with ambitions of becoming a pilot.

On receiving his GCSE results Tareq, who specialises in Engineering at UTC Sheffield City Centre said, ‘I was totally shocked! But in a good way. I’ve worked so hard for these, I stay behind most nights to use the computers, everyone always thought I had detention, I didn’t, I was just working.’

The sixteen-year-old will now complete a further two years at UTC Sheffield City Centre, continuing his Engineering specialism and studying A Levels in Physics and Maths. Once his A Levels are complete Tareq hopes to begin his training to become a pilot; he is even considering studying in Abu Dhabi, as he is fluent in Arabic and has family connections over there.

Discussing his experiences at the UTC, Tareq said, ‘It’s been a great experience, I’ve made so many new friends and the teachers are great. My favourite part has been working towards my Engineering qualification. I love using all the machinery and learning new skills. Everything we learn here is what they actually do in the real world.’