Florence, Creative & Digital

17 October 2016 Creative & Digital Media

Florence, Creative & Digital

From being a child, Florence Gibbs-Price has always wanted to be a photographer, and that’s just what the UTC has prepared her for.

Florence, who specialises in Creative and Digital Media, was overcome with emotion as she opened her GCSE results: ‘I was crying with happiness, I’m really pleased with all my results! Now I move onto the next step.’

Florence is now continuing to pursue her passion for photography at college in Lincoln: ‘The UTC has been positively life-changing, I didn’t do any photography at school; here I’ve learnt lots of new things.’

She continues, ‘It’s a much more relaxed environment at the UTC, more like a college that a school. I’ve enjoyed the units we’ve worked on, including creating a film trailer. The UTC has given me opportunities I didn’t have before.’