Lewis & Maddie, Creative and Digital

16 August 2016 Creative & Digital Media

Lewis & Maddie, Creative and Digital

Two UTC students, Lewis and Maddie, were recently selected to take part in the prestigious British Film Institute (BFI) Academy at the Showroom Cinema. Both Lewis and Maddie are Creative and Digital Industries (CDI) students with an interest in film making. Lewis, alongside his technical specialism, is studying two A Levels; Creative Writing and Photography. Maddie is studying three A Levels alongside her technical specialism; Creative Writing, English Literature and Art.

The BFI Academy is an exciting programme that offers hands-on film making courses aimed at encouraging students to develop their knowledge and skills. To secure a space on the Sheffield course, Maddie and Lewis had to submit previous work as well as fill out an application form. Whilst at the Academy they were involved in a wide variety of film making activities.  Commenting on her experience, Maddie says, ‘We got to make our own film and write a blog at the same time. We could focus on whatever we wanted; I did directing. It was a really good experience – each week you’d learn something new.’

Lewis recalls, ‘The best thing about the Academy was the actual filming – they gave you a proper professional camera. It was great to work with an over-shoulder camera.’ Completing the course has reinforced for Lewis his aspiration to work in the film sector: ‘I’m looking to work in film making as I just really enjoy it. I’ve found it can be difficult, but it’s definitely worth it. I’m also into photography, so by working with cameras and film you get to experiment with both elements.’

Discussing their experience of studying at the UTC, Maddie reflects, ‘I chose to come to the UTC and study Creative and Digital because it was really interesting and it focused so much on the sector. It’s so varied, it’s not just film making; for example, we’ve just done music videos and reporting, then we’re doing gaming with companies like Sumo Digital. It’s so vast with the different options you have. It really lets you figure out what you are interested in. It’s CDI within CDI.’ Lewis continues, ‘The level of trust at the UTC is fantastic. I really enjoy the fact that the teachers will tell you what you need to do and then they’ll let you get on, but be watching from a safe distance.’

Since the BFI Academy, both Lewis and Maddie have had their films entered into the Silver Arts Award Short Film Competition.