Joshua, Engineering

16 August 2016 Engineering

Joshua, Engineering

Joshua joined UTC Sheffield the year it opened in 2013 as a Year 10 pupil to study Engineering alongside his GCSEs.  He is now in Year 12 and still studying Engineering alongside his A levels: Product Design, Maths and Physics.  Joshua says, ‘I decided to come to the UTC because I believed that the level of equipment and expertise were second-to-none in this area, and I’ve not been disappointed. I also realised that I really enjoyed Engineering, and the UTC offered me the chance to pursue this passion.’

UTCs offer a different learning environment to the majority of traditional schools today and Joshua sees this as a benefit: ‘The best this about being here is the atmosphere; it’s very professional, if you’re going to act like an adult then you’ll be treated like one.’

During his time at the UTC, Joshua has worked on a variety of projects, including an employer-led project with Rolls-Royce: ‘We had to design an aeroplane refuelling pump to be used when planes are turning round on the ground. I loved it! We got to visit Rolls-Royce in Derby; we got loads of information from the staff there and it was just an amazing experience.’

Since visiting Rolls-Royce and taking part in the project, Joshua has set his sights on a career in the aerospace industry: ‘I love anything aerospace and visiting Rolls-Royce just confirmed that for me! At the UTC I really enjoy working with CAD, which is heavily used in the aerospace industry. When I initially came here I thought I wanted to be an architect, now my two main ambitions are to become a commercial pilot or an aerospace engineer.’