Hannah, Engineering

16 August 2016 Engineering

Hannah, Engineering

When Hannah completed her GCSEs, she knew she wanted to be an Engineer: ‘I decided I wanted to go into Engineering and had a look at a variety of different routes, including opportunities within the military and sixth form, but after looking around UTC I decided it would be the best option because of the opportunities available, especially with employers.’

Hannah is now in Year 12 at UTC Sheffield City Centre specialising in Engineering whilst studying A Levels in Art, Maths and Physics. Prior to joining the UTC, Hannah had little experience of working practically with technology and engineering facilities: ‘At my old school we didn’t do any technology; coming here has proved to me that I can do it and given me opportunities I wouldn’t have had elsewhere. The freedom here lets you work in a style that suites you, it helps you to learn and proceed onwards.’

Describing what she enjoys most at the UTC, Hannah says, ‘I love using the Festo and Siemens mini factory, it’s equipment I’ve never seen or can’t imaging you’d get anywhere else.’

Hannah is already thinking to her future, ‘I want to go on further to do a degree, whether that’s an apprenticeship degree or straight through university I’m not sure, I’m looking at all my options. I’d like to work as a design engineer or an architect.’