Evie, Engineering

16 August 2016 Engineering

Evie, Engineering

Evie’s interest in Engineering was sparked when doing a technology module at her previous school: ‘My interest in Engineering started in my old school because we did a module in resistant materials and I wanted to take it further. When I first visited the UTC I just loved the atmosphere! Here, everybody wants to learn and wants to get the best out of their educations.’

Evie joined the UTC in September 2015 as a Year 12 pupil specialising in Engineering and studying A Levels in Maths, Physics and Product Design. ‘My first impression of the UTC was that it is innovative! I’d never seen any robotics or anything like that before; every other college I looked round was nowhere near as well equipped. I thought this is a way I can make a massive step into the industry.’

She continues, ‘The best thing about studying here is the teachers and the atmosphere, because you’ve got teachers that are experts in the subject and they share that knowledge with you. I love Engineering, it’s very focused on problem-solving, and I like using that skill. I also like being able to use the practical machinery like the milling machine and the lathe.’

Evie feels she is benefitting from the employer input: ‘A lot of employers come in, very often. You get to speak to them, and they tell us about their companies and set projects for us to do. I don’t think anywhere else offers that kind of benefit. When you’re applying for jobs, you’ve got real experience to write about.’

Evie is now looking at her options after finishing her studies at UTC Sheffield and is considering a career in Architecture or Design Engineering. She’s aware that there isn’t a huge number of women in Engineering, but to girls considering studying at the UTC she says, ‘Go for it, don’t be put off by the lack of girls in Engineering; if anything the lack of women helps us!’