Ben, Engineering

16 August 2016 Engineering

Ben, Engineering

Ben joined UTC Sheffield City Centre as a Y10 pupil in September 2015 to study Engineering, alongside core GCSE subjects and product design. He decided to join the UTC as he preferred practical learning: ‘I like to design and make things, that’s what I want to do when I leave; I think I’ll go into an apprenticeship. The UTC will help me after because of all the employers you get to meet and the knowledge they share with you.’

Since joining the UTC Ben feels he’s benefited from the unique style of learning the UTC offers: ‘The UTC is student focused, the classes are much smaller than my old school and the teachers know all the students. There’s also facilities I never had in my old school; I really like using the latest technology.’

Reflecting on his experience so far, Ben says, ‘I especially enjoyed working with Rolls Royce.  Their team came in for a day and worked with us. We had to create a structure that ran a marble from a certain height to another height, and the group that managed it in the set time won.’

In his enrichment time Ben is working on a Formula One in Schools Project, an international competition for students aged 11-16, where he is designing and making an F1 car that is CO2 powered.  He says, ‘We heard about the project in assembly, and I thought it sounded interesting. Once I looked at the booklet, it looked really good. Up to now I’ve really enjoyed the designing and using CAD – Computer Aided Design .’

With a love and a flare for technical drawing, Ben hopes to pursue his passion for engineering design once he has completed his study at the UTC.