Anjali, Engineering

16 August 2016 Engineering

Anjali, Engineering

Anjali, already has her career path mapped out – she wants to be a Structural Engineer – and that’s just what the UTC is helping her to achieve. When  Anjali received her GCSE results she was delighted with them, saying: “I’m really proud of my result in Engineering as it’s really difficult. I’m delighted with my A in Maths as I want to study Maths at A Level.”

Anjali has decided that her next step will be to continue with a mix of technical qualifications and A Levels at the UTC.  She is very clear on why UTC is the best option for her:  “Firstly, I have a really good relationship with the teachers, it’s very easy to talk to them. I feel they really care here.  Secondly, it’s so much more focused at the UTC – it’s about having a passion for particular subjects.  Thirdly, people here are really keen to learn.  The students at the UTC come here to get ahead.  Most students are like me, they don’t want to mess about. Everyone wants to succeed, so it makes it much easier to concentrate on learning.  I feel more secure here, especially about ultimately getting a job.”

The UTC has offered opportunities that Anjali feels she would not have been offered at other schools: “We’ve done a lot of employer-related stuff. For example, we visited Rolls-Royce and got to see how they build engines, it was really awesome! It’s been an eye-opener being here.  I’ve learnt a lot more about Engineering than I could have done at school.”

After sixth form, Anjali is considering an apprenticeship as she feels this might be a better route for her than university, but she feels she has options: “There are so many people with the same qualifications, here you get something different.”