Meet Adrian Dulley, Curriculum Director for Engineering

19 May 2020 Engineering

Meet Adrian Dulley, Curriculum Director for Engineering

We sat down with Adrian Dulley to discuss his new role as Curriculum Director for Engineering at UTC Sheffield City Centre.

Why did you decide to work at a UTC?
My first impression from looking around the UTC was positive; I saw how fantastic their offer was for students and how they worked effectively with employers. I thought working here would be a nice working environment and I felt like I would fit in. I wanted to use my skills to improve the students’ experience here.

How has your teaching career progressed?
I started working in teaching later on in life, having worked in industry for a few years, then taking a design technology route. Afterwards, I worked in local schools and then at The Sheffield College teaching HND level qualifications, before joining UTC Sheffield.

What do you find interesting about engineering?
I like looking at systems and manufacturing processes and identifying ways to improve them. I like the challenge of engineering and how it is such a broad subject, offering a wide range of innovative roles. It’s enjoyable teaching the students, as they work on hands-on projects that are challenging but also rewarding.

What type of skills do engineering students need?
Students need to be inquisitive, determined and have an open mind. They also need to be flexible as there are so many different types of careers within engineering.

What do you enjoy most about working at the UTC?
I enjoy working with the students, as they are intelligent young people. We achieve some fantastic results because of their enthusiasm to learn. I love teaching a subject that I am passionate about and helping students to achieve their goals. I also enjoy using the machinery with students, such as lathes and milling machines, which most schools don’t have.

What are your goals for the engineering department?
We’re on the way to becoming an outstanding department and the best engineering UTC in this region. To achieve our goals, we must ensure that we keep employer links active to enhance student experience and continue to promote our successes.

What have been your highlights whilst working at the UTC?
I enjoyed working with students on the Green Power Racing event, which involved them building a battery-powered car from scratch. We successfully won the New Entrants Race, which was a highlight for me! It’s nice to see the students’ enthusiasm as they put a lot of effort into it. I enjoy seeing some of the students applying for Arkwright Scholars, a prestigious engineering award for students. It’s also great hearing about the students’ destinations and seeing how far they’ve come, you couldn’t ask for anything better as a teacher.

What advice would you give to any students thinking about studying engineering at the UTC?
I would tell them to take a chance and come and see what engineering at the UTC is all about, as it’s not necessarily what you would think it is like. Engineering is a great subject, as it boosts students’ confidence and helps them to gain valuable technical skills. It’s a good opportunity to meet employers and work with like-minded individuals.