Engineering Students Design New Litter Storage System

23 June 2022

Engineering Students Design New Litter Storage System

Back in February 2021 our Year 9 Engineering students were tasked with designing a new litter storage system for members of the Canal & River Trust (CRT) to use while litter picking on the canal.

The old storage system involved putting bin bags into canoes, which lead to foul canal water leaking into the canoes and soaking everything inside.

Students came up with a range of ideas and designs, and present them to CRT. The top ten designs were awarded a canoe trip and the top three vouchers. Twelve months later in 2022 we reconnected with CRT to develop the designs into working physical prototypes that could be used on the canal as intended.

To do this, the project was handed over to our Year 12 Engineers, who continued to develop the designs, produced working drawings an overcame multiple manufacturing issues in order to deliver the prototype to the Tinsley Marina.

The designer has now been fitted to two canoes and successfully trialled. The students have produced a lightweight solution that is strong, quick and easy to assemble and which met the design brief of the customer as well as providing additional benefits outside of the original remit.

The next step is to make some minor adjustments to the design to allow for easier boarding at the front of the canoes as well as adding some minor safety features to mask protruding thread rods.