Steel City Media – Allez Maxime! – A Production Masterclass

24 February 2022

Steel City Media – Allez Maxime! – A Production Masterclass

UTC Sheffield CDM students were treated to a detailed insight into the production and development of a promotional film against the backdrop of Covid by Joe Bowman from Steel City Media.

Joe guided the students through the process of having to re-locate countries, find crew and develop a look that fitted his client (Santa Cruz Bicycles) needs.  The project centred around a Wes Anderson inspired film, centring around Santa Cruz’s newest signing Maxime Marotte and their new bike the Blur.

The NEW Santa Cruz Blur XC MTB – “Allez Maxime!” – YouTube

Joe explained how this meant telling a story of a French childhood using locations in Wales and England to fill in while travel bans were in place and how shooting in the unique style made him think carefully about set and prop design.

The students were also told how this then leads into post production and the editing of a film, as the shots and effects required are adapted across multiple edits to get the product film out on time for the client.

Students asked questions around the skills and techniques Joe highlighted and the pressures they may experience in their own film making for their Cambridge technical qualification.

The project fitted in beautifully with linking to the curriculum for Level 3 Cambridge Technical – Unit 15 audio Visual Promos, Unit 5 – TV & Short film production. Students themselves will be challenged to produce their own short ‘films’ over the coming weeks.

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