Engineering Student Excited to Start at the UTC’s Sixth Form After Excellent Results

18 August 2021

Engineering Student Excited to Start at the UTC’s Sixth Form After Excellent Results

GCSE student, Tez Petnikova, loved how hands-on the Engineering specialism was, and enjoyed using different types of machinery in lessons.

When did you start at the UTC? (What year)
Year 9

Where did you study previously?
Chaucer School

Why did you decide to move to the UTC?
I liked the specialisms and the destinations that you could pursue afterwards. Before I joined, I did quite a lot of research into the opportunities available after the UTC and it seemed like the best next step for me.

Do you mind me asking what grades you received?
I received a Level 2 Distinction in Engineering Design, a Level 2 Distinction * in Manufacturing and a Level 2 Distinction * in Systems Control.

How do you feel about your results?
I worked so hard over the past few years so I’m incredibly happy!

What did you enjoy most about studying at the UTC?
I love being part of a team within the Engineering specialism and it’s a nice environment to learn in. I feel proud when I tell my friends about the UTC.

Do you have any favourite memories?
There was a project during lockdown to make a mallet, which involved lathing, finding a production plan and working out all the measurements. The teachers were so supportive and encouraging when I found it a bit difficult, as it was a Year 13 project, so it was advanced.

How have you found lockdown – did you find it challenging or did you learn anything from it?
The UTC was helpful in providing me with a laptop in lockdown so I could participate in virtual learning. Everyone was so patient and understanding too.

What’s been your biggest achievement during your time at the UTC?
My biggest achievement has to be receiving my GCSE results, which I couldn’t have done without the help and support from the UTC.

What are your next steps for the future? Do you have an idea of what career you want to
I’ll be staying on at the UTC to study A Level Engineering, Maths, Physics and English. After this, I’m hoping to get a degree apprenticeship in Biomedical Engineering.

What skills/knowledge from the UTC has helped you reach your destination?
I’ve developed excellent interpersonal skills and learnt how to use Engineering machinery, such as lathes and milling machines.

What would you say to someone thinking about joining the UTC to study?
It’s a great school, so I would tell them to give it a shot. It’s an opportunity that you wouldn’t want to miss as you get some fantastic opportunities and an insight into different industries.