Student Excited for Next Steps in his Creative & Digital Media Career

11 August 2021

Student Excited for Next Steps in his Creative & Digital Media Career

UTC City Centre Student, Matt Eyre, loved studying the Creative and Digital Media specialism and is enthusiastic about his future studies in this sector.

When did you start at the UTC? (What year)

Where did you study previously?
Hope Valley College

Why did you decide to move to the UTC?
I wanted to do filmmaking and the UTC looked like a great opportunity for me to explore my skills and knowledge in this area. The Creative and Digital Media course looked very practical and the UTC has many connections, which I thought would be great for my future career.

What subjects did you study at the UTC and did you enjoy them? Which was your favourite?
I loved the practical side of Creative and Digital Media; it was good to explore this industry and learn more about each area. We had access to the Adobe Suite, such as Photoshop, After Effects, Audition and Premiere Pro.

Do you mind me asking what grades you received?
I received a B in Art and Design: Photography and a D1 in Digital Media.

How do you feel about your results?
I am extremely happy with my exam results from the UTC and grateful to all of the staff and students for making the time we spent there the best possible learning experience. These grades would not have been possible without the brilliant guidance and mentoring from the amazing teachers that I had for both Photography and Digital Media.

Do you have any favourite memories/stand out moments e.g. engagement with a certain project/employer?
My favourite project was making a short film, which involved going through the different stages, including pre and post-production. We did a unit where we learnt about CGI and special effects, and got to create three pages of a magazine, which was a fantastic experience. I enjoyed listening to a virtual talk from one of the UTC’s employer partners, Steel City Media, where I learnt about how to create and manage films. The teachers are always helping students to find apprenticeships, as they’re supportive of our future careers and want to see us succeed.

How have you found lockdown – did you find it challenging or did you learn anything from it?
The UTC did a good job of trying to make our learning experience as normal as possible. I felt like I made better connections with students as we spent more time discussing projects virtually.

What’s been your biggest achievement during your time at the UTC?
My biggest achievement has got to be growing as a person and developing my skillset. I’m proud of how much I’ve learnt since studying at the UTC. I’ve been creating short films and taking photos in my spare time, which the school has supported me with.

What are your next steps for the future? Do you have an idea of what career you want to pursue?
I’m having a gap year where I’ll be doing some freelance work, such as editing and photography projects. I’ve been creating a wedding video recently which has provided me with an insight into industry. After that, I want to go to Manchester Screen and Film School, which I’m incredibly excited about.

What would you say to someone thinking about joining the UTC to study Creative and Digital Media?
I would tell them it’s a great opportunity to gain industry knowledge and transferable skills. The UTC helps to prepare students and fully supports them in whatever career they’re interested in.