Engineering Student Offered Apprenticeship After Achieving Excellent Results

11 August 2021

Engineering Student Offered Apprenticeship After Achieving Excellent Results

UTC Sheffield City Centre Student, Rowan Helm, is looking forward to using the skills he’s learnt at the UTC in his Engineering Apprenticeship.

When did you start at the UTC? (What year)
Year 12

Where did you study previously?
Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School

Why did you decide to move to the UTC?
The UTC offered a better choice of specialisms than my local sixth form could offer and the Engineering curriculum looked interesting.

What subjects did you study at the UTC and did you enjoy them? Which was your favourite?
I loved Engineering; it was always interesting, and every lesson was different. I loved how it was hands-on and practical, as I learn best by doing things and learning new skills.

Do you mind me asking what grades you received?
I achieved a D*, D* in my Cambridge Technical in Engineering, an A in Core Mathematics, a C in AS Level Mathematics and a C in A Level Physics.

Do you have any favourite memories/stand out moments e.g. engagement with a certain project/employer?
The Lean and Quality module in Engineering was my favourite. I also loved working with employers such as AMRC and Boeing, where we had a tour around the facilities and developed our engineering knowledge.

What’s been your biggest achievement during your time at the UTC?
I’m proud of gaining high grades in Engineering and getting through lockdown, as it was challenging learning from home and required me to be independent.

Have you done any extra-curricular activities at the UTC? Or have you had hobbies alongside your studies?
I’ve been working part time alongside my studies, where I’ve learnt how to prioritise a heavy workload and manage my time effectively. These are skills which employers look for, so it’s good to know that I’ve got experience in these areas.

What are your next steps for the future? Do you have an idea of what career you want to pursue?
My original plan was to go to university, but I have recently been offered an Engineering Apprenticeship with Gripple in South Yorkshire. The company creates products that are used in hospitals and schools, such as solar panels and lights. During this role, I’ll be looking at how a production line can be more efficient. I’m keen to get into a leadership role and progress within the company over the years.

Do you think the UTC has prepared you well for your future?
Studying Engineering and Physics has prepared me for my future and I’m grateful to the UTC for teaching me valuable skills and how to act professionally within a business environment.

What would you say to someone thinking about joining the UTC to study Engineering?
I would recommend the UTC to anyone who is interested in Engineering or Creative and Digital Media. If they do join, I would advise students to work hard and keep motivated. It is both challenging and rewarding.