Creative and Digital Media students have radio debut on BBC Sounds

1 March 2021

Creative and Digital Media students have radio debut on BBC Sounds

UTC Sheffield City Centre students, Emma and Shimla, have been inspired by their Creative and Digital Media specialism to start their own band called ‘Unconventional Faith’.

The girls have been working on their band as a hobby outside of school but feel their subject has motivated and encouraged them to continue with their music.

Emma commented: “I like the creative aspect of my specialism. I’ve been able to gain the relevant skills needed for the music industry, such as teamwork, motivation and independence.”

She added: “The UTC has also helped us to develop our creativity skills, as we’ve learnt how to use Adobe Photoshop to create media. We use storylines in our songs, so having supportive English teachers has been helpful for us when thinking of ideas for Unconventional Faith.”

Shimla said: “Everyone at the UTC is supportive of us. The school is like a community, which is nice. Within Creative and Digital Media, I like the fact we get to use equipment, such as high-quality cameras. I enjoy being creative and dressing up my classmates to take photos of them. The subject has a good balance of both practical and theory aspects. We get a lot of creative freedom and have the opportunity to debate on certain topics. Our opinions are always valued.”

Alongside their studies at the UTC, Emma and Shimla have been creating songs for a while now. They recently sent in their latest single ‘80’s Reject’ to BBC Radio Sheffield, which was successfully played on air in January 2021.

Emma commented: “Having our song played on the local radio was a fantastic achievement! We were so pleased when we found out and it has motivated us to continue to work even harder.”

The Creative and Digital Media students market their brand via social media channels, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Tik Tok to appeal to a wide audience.

Shimla said: “We’ve both been passionate about music for ages, so it’s been nice that the UTC has provided us with the support that we need. The teachers listen to our music and encourage us to continue to work on our brand. We tried to be as original and authentic with our music as possible and the school has helped us to come up with creative concepts for our songs.”

Alicia Payne, Curriculum Director of Creative and Digital Media commented: “We’re extremely proud of Emma and Shimla for all they’ve achieved and are proud that they’ve come so far already! The UTC can’t wait to see them succeed even further in their music careers.”

The musicians have both successfully been accepted onto a Creative Extended Diploma Course in Leeds, once they’ve finished at the UTC.

Emma said: “We’re incredibly excited to continue our passion within the music industry. We can’t thank the UTC enough for all of the support and inspiration they have provided us with!”

You can listen to a snippet of Unconventional Faith’s latest single ‘80’s Reject’ playing on BBC Radio Sheffield here.