Photography students relish hands-on workshops opportunities

15 October 2020

Photography students relish hands-on workshops opportunities

The Creative and Digital Media curriculum at UTC Sheffield City Centre involves project-based working, using specialist equipment. This specialism provides students with a wide range of digital skills, from vision and design to marketing and communication.

Y11 GCSE Photography students recently spent an afternoon of fun in the sun, exploring how shutter speed and aperture work, to create different exposures and effects. They used Canon 750D cameras for these workshops and worked in teams to work out what were the best aperture and shutter speeds to use in different lighting conditions.

Mrs Payne, Teacher of Photography said: “It was great for the students to practically demonstrate what they had learned in lessons and they loved being involved in the process. It was good to see my class work together and challenge themselves to take the best photo.”

Students are encouraged to be creative and invent their own unique ideas in projects, as this will prepare them for their future careers in industry.

Y11 Photography student, Arielle Morcom-Harneis, commented: “I enjoyed going outside and applying knowledge used in class in real life. It was fun being allowed to use a camera and be creative. I learnt how to adjust the shutter speed and the aperture, which was great to learn, as it affects the final photo massively. We also learnt how to make motion blurs using shutter speed!”

Harvey Hewet added: “I liked the fact we could explore the way you can use shutter speed as well.”

The Photography course tests students’ independence and ability to use their own initiative; two important skills that are valued within the creative sector.

Nathaniel Wallace said: “We learnt how to make a car blurred as it was going past, by using shutter speed. This was fun because we got to learn in a different environment and try out the things that we learn in class outside.”

The digital and new media industries in our region are growing at a faster rate than anywhere else in the UK. Overall in the UK over 1.5 million people are employed in creative industries or in creative roles in other industries – so there’s no shortage of opportunity. These pathways and course at the UTC will give you a wide range of opportunities, including potential employment in UTC partner companies and access to top quality, relevant degree courses.