UTC Student looks forward to Materials Engineering Degree Apprenticeship after successful results

2 September 2020 Engineering

UTC Student looks forward to Materials Engineering Degree Apprenticeship after successful results

UTC Sheffield City Centre Engineering Student, Joseph Westnedge, excelled in his A-Level and Technical results and is excited for the next chapter in his studies.

Why did you join the UTC?
I joined in 2016 in Year 10 because the Engineering specialism looked exciting and I wanted to take on a challenge. I was keen to be responsible for my own education, as at my previous school I had to take whatever fit into my subject blocks, whereas the UTC was more flexible and suited my interest in STEM subjects. I liked the fact the Engineering course offered opportunities to work closely with top employers, as this was something I always wanted to do to help progress my career.

How do you feel about your results?
I received A in Chemistry, B in Physics and a B in Maths, so I’m really pleased with these grades. I worked hard and I’m happy for achieving successful results.  In Year 12, I achieved a Distinction* in my Level 3 Cambridge Technical extended certificate in Engineering with Distinctions in all my units through more hard work and support from staff at the UTC.

Do you have a standout moment or memory from studying at the UTC?
I loved working on the Green Power Cars in Engineering, which involved being provided with the basic frame of a car, and then I was responsible for designing the bodywork for it. I really enjoyed racing the car as it felt like my hard work had paid off and I hadn’t ever experience anything like this before.

How did you find Lockdown?
It was a strange time, but the teachers were always there to support us and we had regular online lessons to help us stay motivated and to get a bit of normality back. It was important for me to maintain a routine throughout, and to try to stay busy every day.

What has been your biggest achievement?
I achieved the position of Principal Student in Year 11 and 13, from helping out with the Student Council and getting the Uniform Policy for Post-16 changed. I liked having an impact on the school and taking on lots of responsibilities and leaving a positive legacy behind.

How do you feel about your next steps?
I’m on course for a Materials Engineering Degree Apprenticeship with Atomising Systems Limited, which I am really looking forward to starting. I’m excited to progress in my studies and upskill myself for my future career, as I want to make a difference within industry and become even more confident.

Do you have any advice for students wanting to study at the UTC?
If you’re interested in studying the subjects available here, you should definitely, consider it, however you need to be able to stay motivated and work hard. It’s important to give a lot of thought into the subjects you are wanting to study. I also got to make great friends whilst at UTC. The teachers will fully support you in your studies and will make learning a positive experience. You also get to meet people from industry and from universities regularly, and it was really inspiring to know where I could go next.