UTC Sheffield City Centre Creative and Digital Media student designs book covers for fantasy novels during lockdown

20 May 2020 Creative & Digital Media

UTC Sheffield City Centre Creative and Digital Media student designs book covers for fantasy novels during lockdown

Year 9 student, Freja Hirst, enjoys studying the Creative and Digital Media specialism at UTC Sheffield, as the teachers are supportive of school work and encourage students to continue being creative in their own time too.

Freja hopes to become a Concept Artist in the future, as she loves being imaginative and designing fictional characters, such as monsters. She joined the UTC as she likes having the freedom to choose how to design things in her Art and Digital Media modules, and she enjoys being able to implement her own innovative ideas.

Over the lockdown period, Freja has developed her creative skills and knowledge, by working on personal projects, including designing book covers for a fantasy novel. Her story is based on a magic kingdom, as she was inspired by a book called ‘Erilea’ from the Throne of Glass book series, written by one of her favourite authors. She also creates concept art from fantasy and historical series, such as Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and Vikings. Freja loves being able to think imaginatively and has used the time in lockdown to achieve something new.

Freja said: “I like making concept art in my free time, as I am obsessed with fantasy novels. I enjoy putting my skills developed from the Creative and Digital Media specialism into practice for my own project.” Studying at the UTC has enabled her to pursue her passion for Art, as she has used her experience at school to help both herself and her friends who have similar interests in the creative industry.

Alicia Payne, Curriculum Director for Creative and Digital Media said: “It’s great seeing our students excel and achieve their own goals in their personal time. Our students are encouraged to use their skills and knowledge learnt from the course, in their own projects.” Alicia is proud of Freja’s work and is keen to continue to support her passion for the creative and digital industry.

The Creative and Digital Media specialism at UTC Sheffield provides students with a wide range of digital skills, from vision and design to marketing and communication. Students study highly regarded technical qualifications alongside GCSEs and A Levels in hi-tech classrooms catering for film, photography, graphic design, animation and web application. State-of-the art facilities also include a sound studio for creating radio features and developing soundtracks exploring music technology and speech projects, as well as a superb art and design space with exhibition lounge. Throughout each term, there are multimedia projects with independent and international creative and digital companies and opportunities to hear from industry professionals. These have included Warp Films, Sumo Digital and Hallam FM to name a few.

For more information on the Creative and Digital Media specialism, visit: https//www.utcsheffield.org.uk/city/curriculum/creative-digital/