UTC Sheffield City Centre Head of Engineering works alongside Rolls-Royce to produce PPE

13 May 2020 Engineering

UTC Sheffield City Centre Head of Engineering works alongside Rolls-Royce to produce PPE

UTC Sheffield City Centre Head of Engineering, Adrian Dulley, has been working with a staff member at Rolls-Royce, Ian Crowston, to produce PPE for a national project.

Adrian Dulley at UTC Sheffield City Centre said: “My role in the project has been to create two different styles of headband for facemasks. The first one is a thinner design aimed at individuals who don’t need to wear the masks for prolonged periods, which have been sent to pharmacies, care homes and shop workers.”

Adrian has been printing the smaller facemasks in pairs, which takes him approximately 2.5 hours to produce two. He has been working alongside Ian Crowston, who has been adding the shields before sending them out. Adrian has already delivered over 60 of these to Ian in his role for the ImechE, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, and Rolls-Royce, as the UTC has previously linked with them for 3D printing events and he wanted to support them during this difficult time.

The second style of headband is suited for those who are required to wear protection for longer periods, such as hospital staff members and nurses on prolonged shifts. To create one of these headband, it takes Adrian approximately 3.5 hours. So far he has produced 60! These have been delivered to IForge at The University of Sheffield, where they will be sent out nationally as part of a large batch of 4000 that have been produced locally.

Adrian commented: “There is an increasing demand for the PPE. Whilst I was delivering the headbands, the University received a request for 900 more, from one NHS Trust!”

Alex Reynolds, Principal at UTC Sheffield City Centre, said: “The UTC is extremely grateful for Adrian’s hard work in this challenging time and we will continue to support him during the pandemic.”