Work Experience Turns to Employment

28 November 2018 Creative & Digital Media

Work Experience Turns to Employment

Photography and football enthusiast Jack has secured a position as a regular match reporter after a successful week’s work experience.

Fifteen-year-old Jack, who is a Creative and Digital Media student at UTC Sheffield City Centre, recently undertook work experience at Rotherham United. During the placement, which was initially for one week but was extended to two, Jack put together a number of match reports to be featured on the team’s website.

Jack said: “I really enjoyed my placement. I enjoy football and sport but would like a career in photography in the future. It was a really good opportunity to get my foot in the door and get some experience. The role I am taking on will allow me to build a portfolio of work.”

The team has now given Jack the opportunity to carry on reporting on their matches on an unpaid voluntary basis.

In the future Jack is aspiring to become a photographer and hopes that the opportunity at Rotherham United will give him the experience employers are looking for.

Head of Creative and Digital Media at UTC, Victoria Allen said: “We are very proud of Jack for securing this role.”