Top Producer Advises UTC Sheffield Film Students

27 October 2017 Creative & Digital Media

Top Producer Advises UTC Sheffield Film Students

On Monday 23rd October Post-16 students who are studying Creative and Digital Media at UTC Sheffield City Centre had the chance to quiz film producer and Joint CEO of Warp Films, Mark Herbert, on the art of film making.

Mark, who has credits on such films as Four Lions, This is England, Submarine and Dead Man’s Shoes took students through the ‘anatomy of a scene’ as well as giving lots of top tips on creating their own films. The session was particularly beneficial for Year 13 students who are currently working on a unit in Film and TV Production.

The session concentrated on the production of one of Warp’s well-known films, Four Lions, where many of the scenes were filmed in Sheffield and the surrounding area.

Commenting on the session, UTC student Chloe said, ‘It was really helpful getting lots of tips from Mark today, I found the tips on using storyboards really useful. He also gave us advice on scenes such as strangling to make it look realistic but ensure that it is safe.’

Abi said: ‘I found the session interesting, I’m going to use the tips he gave us about angles and locations when making my short film.’

Matt said: ‘It’s great to get tips from an industry expert, someone you know has done it before and has real experience, you know what they are saying is useful and will help you in the future. It’s great to know how scenes are really filmed, not everything is always what it seems.’

Mark Herbert, Joint CEO of Warp Films, who delivered the session said: ‘I really like the ethos and philosophy of UTC Sheffield. The creative and digital industry is booming and I think it’s important young people know that before university, and UTCs help to share that information. I chose to concentrate on Four Lions today because many scenes were filmed only a hundred or so metres away from this building. It was a tough film to make, it took a lot of preparation and lateral thinking to solve problems. I think it’s useful to share this information with those that want to go into the industry and get them to start thinking creatively.’

Mark will continue to work with our Year 13 students throughout their projects and will provide critique and feedback on their final short films.