UTC City Centre Students Get on Board the HeppSY+ Bus

20 October 2017

UTC City Centre Students Get on Board the HeppSY+ Bus

On Wednesday 18th October, students from UTC Sheffield City Centre became some of the first young people to get on board the HeppSY+ mobile classroom as part of the campaign launch.

The Higher Education Progression Partnership South Yorkshire Plus (HeppSY+) is part of a national programme funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) to support young people most at risk of missing out on higher education, and is a collaboration between Sheffield Hallam University, the University of Sheffield and South Yorkshire Colleges.

Over the next few months the HeppSY+ mobile classroom will travel to schools and colleges across the region to offer young people support and advice regarding higher education.

During the launch UTC students took part in a number of activities, including higher-education-themed versions of the popular games Jenga and Top Trumps, as well as Catchphrase. The purpose of the activities was to test the students’ knowledge of higher education, bust well known myths, and provide young people with the information they need to make an informed decision about their future education.

Students involved in the session had the following to say:

‘I really want to go to university to study architecture. I think this campaign is a great idea because it helps you to overcome the challenge of wondering whether you can do it.’ – Jasmine

‘Even though I’m not sure about university, I think this is really good way of finding out what university is all about, because now I’m thinking maybe I should do a degree apprenticeship.’ – Caitlin

‘When I first came here this morning, to the bus, I wanted to do an apprenticeship, but talking to the graduate interns today they’ve told me about all the benefits of university, which is making me reconsider.’ – Tom

‘There was a lot about university I didn’t know before today, like the way the loans work and all the different clubs you can get involved with. It’ been really useful to come here today.’ – Sean