UTC Sheffield Students Enjoy Bauer Academy Summer School

18 September 2017 Creative & Digital Media

UTC Sheffield Students Enjoy Bauer Academy Summer School

During the summer holidays five Y12 students from UTC Sheffield City Centre took part in the Bauer Academy Summer School, where they went behind the scenes at popular South Yorkshire radio station, Hallam FM.

Over two days during August the students, Abigail, Matthew, Fran, Chloe and Kai, who all specialise in Creative and Digital Media, took part in a range of workshops at the radio station. These included, live campaign briefs, creating videos, podcasts and radio adverts. As well as the workshops, the students were given the opportunity to meet the team.

Bauer Academy is a national initiative made up of a team of leading academics who work alongside media professionals to design and deliver training programmes to both young people and businesses. The summer school is just part of what they do and was an opportunity for the students get a foot in the door, enhance their CV, find out about the radio broadcasting and learn from industry professionals.

Abigail, said: ‘We were really excited when we got to Hallam because we listen to it every day. The UTC helped us to get on the course and we have had the opportunity to practice sound editing on both Audition and Premiere so we knew how to edit the sound together. I’m really looking forward to the radio unit we are doing this year now!”.

Matt, said: ‘I really enjoyed the day. We went in the studio when it was live on air and we recorded our own advert that promoted awareness about hate crime. We got to use the whole studio and it was really good getting to use the microphone and sliders to fade in the music and vocals.’

Fran, said: ‘We got told how to get a job in the media and in radio, too. We were mentored by professionals at Hallam and it was really useful.’