UTC Sheffield City Centre Students Enjoy their Last Employer Mentoring Session of the Academic Year

15 July 2016

UTC Sheffield City Centre Students Enjoy their Last Employer Mentoring Session of the Academic Year

Every term students from UTC Sheffield meet with mentors from an array of Creative & Digital and Engineering sector businesses as part of the exciting ‘Employer Mentor Programme’.

Local, national and multi-national businesses continue to support UTC Sheffield by providing project support and mentoring to students through the programme.

These Employer Mentoring events are highly beneficial to both employers and students as they offer employers the chance to meet students and discover emerging talent, at the same time as giving students the chance to meet industry leaders and experts to discuss their personal skills development and career paths.

Students are carefully matched with employers, based on interest and career aspirations, ensuring both parties gain a valuable experience.

During the sessions businesses are also given the opportunity to tour the facilities, meet staff and students and hear about the UTC’s progress and future plans.

Employers attending the events have included: HR Media, Lavender International, PES Performance, RAF, Rolls Royce, Sheffield International Venues, Siemens, Sheffield DigitalThe WorkshopUniversity of SheffieldAtkins Global Engineering, Benchmark RecruitmentSumo Digital, Can Studios, Cutlers Hall Hospitality, Evolution Printing, Finger Industries, Mott MacDonald, Newburgh Precision, Portland Works, Sheffield International Venues, SiemensAardvark Swift, HLM Architects,  Rolls RoyceWarp Films  and Primetals.

Sam Cunningham, from Lavender International, commented, ‘I’d have loved something like this when I was in school, it puts students a step closer to employment. As a company, it’s great to work with the UTC; we can promote the industry and hopefully help tackle the engineering skills shortage. Currently the industry is lacking in young talent; the average age of a NDT (non-destructive testing) Inspector is 55. The UTC is a great place to start focusing and bring in new talent.’

Rebecca Roberts, also from Lavender International, continued, ‘It’s great how many girls have shown an interest here at UTC Sheffield. I fell into engineering by accident. Originally I worked as a hairdresser, but I didn’t enjoy it; now I couldn’t be happier, and I haven’t looked back since. By working with the UTC, I want to encourage more girls into engineering, and events like today are an opportunity for us to do that.’

PES Performance partnered with UTC Sheffield City Centre when it opened in 2013. Engineering Design Director, Dan Fleetcroft, has attended many employer mentoring sessions as just a small part of the company’s contribution to the UTC. Now Chair of Governors for UTC Sheffield City Centre, Dan commented, ‘I fundamentally believe in the UTC method of learning. There were three reasons we started working with the UTC.  Firstly, we were finding it challenging to find the right calibre of people to employ and we could either complain or actively do something about it. I personally was given an opportunity by a very senior motor sport figure who taught me and I wanted to reciprocate this. I hope the students here in 10 or 20 years will want to do the same. Finally, engineering isn’t always perceived that well, and we wanted to show people that it is the back bone to manufacturing and economic growth within the country.’

Dan continued, ‘I love being involved in days like today, it’s a great place and a great idea. Today’s session really will help students to shape their careers and make the right decisions going forward.’

Chloe Wood from Cutlers’ Hall Hospitality commented, “I’d have loved something like this when I was in school, it is definitely something I would have done. I feel that this type of opportunity was missing from my school experience and it is great to help young people by giving them experience and insight by starting networking early.”

Assistant Principal Brigidin Crowther commented; ‘Our employer mentors are outstanding. It is brilliant to see how much meeting them inspires and motivates our young people. We really appreciate their support!’

Students had this to say about the employer mentoring session:

‘It was really helpful. My employer explained different jobs in the industry to me’

‘Much better than I imagined and he was funny too! I learnt about digital careers and how to create a portfolio’

‘Exciting meeting the RAF!’

‘It was valuable meeting Lavender because if you meet real employers you learn how they are actually doing precise testing in the world every day’

‘Great. when’s the next one!’